Erotic Massage

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Erotic massage is your opportunity to receive stimulating touch for an extended time without expectation or the need to reciprocate. This kind of touch awakens amazing energies throughout the body as well as heightens our awareness of our own erotic self.

mass2While it may take many forms, erotic massage involves sexually arousing stimulation through intentional touch. In this fast paced multi-tasking world, sensual massage is your opportunity slow down and savor the untapped sexual energy that exists within all of us. Many men find it surprisingly difficult to receive without doing anything in return. A sensual massage is a wonderful way to practice being present and simply receiving the attention of another man.


mass4Each session begins with a brief check in.  I want to know about your body (is there an area that needs special attention) and what you’d like to happen during our session.  During your time on the massage table, I’ll help you settle into your body with a variety of techniques.  As your erotic energy builds, the focus of my touch narrows down to your genitals.  I’ll spend the majority of the session creating waves of sexual excitement to spread throughout your body. Your only task is to lay back and embrace all of the sensations coursing through your body.

mass3I’m very comfortable with my body and celebrate all body types.  If you wish, I’m happy to work clothed or nude.  The occasional contact of my body brushing against yours may enhance your experience.  Mutual touch is welcomed. My only request is that you remember the focus of the session is your relaxation and erotic journey.  For many, it’s difficult to fully relax if you’re focused on trying to touch me.  I’d suggest you consider a Mentoring session if you’re looking for something more interactive.