About Me

Embodied sex is my passion and it’s something I strive to kindle in others. Erotic connection is one of the deepest ways of sharing ourselves and creating intimacy. My mission is encouraging men to embrace their erotic desires and demonstrating ways they can share that with others.

I’m very present and connected with the people in my life…especially my clients.  By paying attention to your reactions, I can create safe container in which you can explore your fears and boundaries.  I’m playful in spirit and it carries over into my practice.  Laughter can be as healing as it is liberating.  It’s hard not to get giddy after a long session of intense sensation.

I’m very primal and physical.  It’s closely connected to being present.  Spending time in our “guts” helps us to connect to impulses we aren’t always comfortable acknowledging much less acting upon them.  We have buried these desires for a variety of reasons: fear, shame, avoidance, or judgement.  Bringing those out in the open during play, allows us to fully experience the height of our emotions.

Finally, I’ve spent considerable amount of time exploring different expressions of human sexuality including fetish play, Tantra, Sacred Intimacy, and intentional erotic touch.  I’ve been actively involved with The 15 Association, Leathermen’s Discussion Group, the Coaches Training Institute, The Body Electric School, The Handball Academy, and the Sacred Touch School.

For over a decade, I’ve been helping men to be present in their bodies, to be deeply intimate with their partners; unleash their primal energies; and have a whole lot of fun along the way.