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6 Tips for Anal Explorers

One of the questions I get frequently is how to enjoy anal sex. Most of us have had a bad experience with butt sex…especially starting out. You’re thinking about it right now, aren’t you? Here are some tips to ease you into ass play if you’re starting out.  If you’re more experienced, you might run

The Reality of Kink and Porn

I was a part of a wonderful discussion last night for The Leatherman’s Discussion Group.  It was fun walking down memory lane with Dirk Caber.  Click to watch the Video.

Lube 101

Lube 101 I was walking through the store today and was amazed to see an entire wall dedicated to personal lubricants.  Granted, I was in a sex shop in the heart of the Castro.  There were so many choices: silicone, flavored, scented, water, jo, anal, organic, for couples, warming, cooling, gel, creme, paste, hybrid, super

SF Workshop on Cock Massage

Pleasures from the Edge: Taking your Time with Cock Massage July 23, 2016 12:30 to 6:30pm EROS 2051 Market Street Pre-register at Tired of the same old quick up-and-down? Learn how to maximize and prolong  your partner’s pleasure using cock massage in a way that will blow his mind. Join Chris and Paul for an

Kink Odyssey – June 9-12, 2016

Click on the banner for more information about the weekend. Here’s a weekend to satisfy your desires for kink play – and more. Whether you are drawn to spanking, bondage, power exchange, tickling, flogging, water sports or other BDSM activities – whether you consider yourself a top, bottom, switch, or just curious – this is

What’s So Great About Kinky Sex?

I was talking to someone the other day and he asked why kinky things like whips, ball stretchers, and hairy Daddies are so interesting when I’m having sex.  I’ve heard many general theories about kinkster headspace, but I’ve never thought about my own.  Here are several elements that make kinky play so satisfying to me on

Flogging Workshop

Flogging for Beginners Flogging is one of the most recognized forms of impact play. It’s a physical and emotional tool that we can use to reach heightened states of excitement that border on catharsis. This workshop is an introduction to the art of flogging including: equipment, technique, processing sensations, safety, aftercare, communication, first steps, and

KinkyCoach 2.0

Welcome to KinkyCoach 2.0! It’s hard to believe the original site went live over two years ago. I’m grateful for the challenges and opportunities that have come my way since then.  I’ve taught a number of workshops.  I’ve expanded my skills as a bodyworker, taken classes in Sacred Intimacy and Tantra, and sharpened my fetish skills. I continue to


Daddy Richard gave me the nickname “bulldog” a number of years ago.  He said I reminded him of one: solid, loyal, and headstrong. This summer during Sacred Intimate Training at Easton Mountain, I chose to embrace my namesake and celebrate its power. The name really does describe my build and personality. I’m tenacious once I