Coaching is an opportunity to explore your erotic curiosity, shed old beliefs that limit your desire, or have an intense physical experience in a safe environment.  Each session is tailored to your interest and experience level. I’m beside you the entire time to support, encourage, and challenge you to grow.

Power and Surrender
Many of us are curious about fetish play and want to experience it ourselves, but we don’t know who to contact or are afraid getting in over our heads.  Our session together provides you with a safe environment to explore the edgier side of erotic play.  You can surrender to your desire knowing your level of experience and boundaries will be respected.  You can step into you power with an experienced partner shedding your fears of judgement or pressure to perform. It’s your opportunity to feel the exhilaration of power exchange, to explore the intense stimulation of the senses, or to add a new skill set. 

Deep Embodiment
Journey inside yourself and be immersed in erotic sensation.  This experience goes by a variety of names such as edging, peaking, surfing, or riding the wave. I use a variety of techniques to stimulate and encourage your body’s production of endorphins for an extended period. Experience wave after wave of erotic energy as you drift along in this heightened state. Some men experience a profound shift in their emotional and physical selves after an Embodiment session.

Anal Pleasure
A number of my clients use coaching sessions to expand their view of anal pleasure.  It can be source of great relaxation and can help liberate you from the anxiety that is often centered around our butt.  The slow sensual touch is nonaggressive and consensual.  For many, it’s their first opportunity to explore the pleasure of anal play without feelings of judgment or shame.  You can take your pleasure further.  I can massage the area around your prostate and the nerves that control orgasm, erection, and ejaculation.  An internal massage can lead to profound relaxation and enjoyment. Some men take this even further through the intimate and highly pleasurable act of fisting.  There are many misconceptions about fisting and I’m happy to help you explore this in a safe and informed setting.

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Other areas of interest might include:

  • Gaining more experience in physical relationships with men
  • Negotiating poly amorous or power-based relationships
  • Defining Top and bottom energies–what’s it all mean?
  • Playing from your gut instead of your head
  • Experiencing role play—Coach, Daddy, Sir
  • Letting go of control through bondage, CBT, or extended edging
  • Exploring intense sensation with flogging, spanking, or nipple play
  • Becoming more relaxed with fisting and dildos
  • Playing with gear–sports, neoprene, leather, rubber
  • Learning how to slow down in sexual situations
  • Using self pleasuring to connect with desire
  • Building sexual confidence–feeling powerful as a top or bottom
  • Discovering how to ask for what you want sexually