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I’ve been honored to work with a number of amazing men and I always appreciate hearing about their experience.  Here’s what they have said….you helped me come back to life on a sense of feeling and being in my own truth and place sexually and connecting with a beautiful man.

“Just wanted to send over a quick email thanking you again for the great time! You really are talented, sexy, and have such a great energy. I’m honestly still shocked how fast you were able to get me to relax and really “open up”. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it and my time with you! Thank you!!!”-M

“You’re sexy beyond  and a fantastic partner.  My time with you today reignited my sexual truth that I’ve suppressed for 5 years. I know now from today I need to participate in my true sexuality.”

“In case I didn’t say it enough yesterday, thank you again for an amazing time.  I really appreciate your kindness in allowing me to explore in such a supportive environment.  I couldn’t get enough!  I can’t wait until I’m back in town and can book our next appointment.”

“I very much enjoyed our time together today, both Massage and excellent chat we had afterwards. Thinking of you and looking forward to our next connection and discussion.”

“Thanks for a wonderful afternoon.”

“Thanks again, like usual it was awesome.”

“Thanks for an excellent session. Should I come back for an extended time, I’d love to check out your other services. Best to you.”

“I’m just writing to say that my sessions with you were really hot and really healing. I was pretty isolated when I first saw you and really unable to engage sexually… and over the past 2 year plus I’ve been finding partners to hook up, date, fuck, enjoy. Our sessions really helped me re-embrace my slutty side. Thank you”-F

“Didn’t want any more time to go by before I thanked you for such an outstanding session yesterday.  It was over-the-top quite literally, and I am very happily feeling it today.  Now I can get on with life.  Keep up the good work!”-B

“Hey, I realize I forgot to send over a Thank You text after our session last week. It was great giving up control and being force-pleasured 👍🏻”-D

“Hey Paul, just wanted to send you a belated thank you for the session this morning and for sharing energy with me.”-P

“Thanks for a great session! I don’t know what you did exactly, but my legs feel terrific. Thanks again, see you soon.”-J

“Thank you again for today. It was just what I needed. Nearly 12 hours later, I can still feel how my energy shifted–a lot of old stuff cleared out and new, calmer, cleaner energy flowing.”-T

“Just a shout of thanks to you for the incredible session yesterday. Absolutely delicious experience.”-J

“Thank you for an amazing afternoon. What a wonderful time. You made me feel sexy, and like a normal man. What a gift you’ve given me.”-S

“Thank you for all the great experiences this year. You really help people with the liberation of their desires and making them feel safe at the same time.”-J

“Just wanted to thank you for yesterday. That was unbelievable. I’m still trying to process it.”-R

“I’ll be back. You’re amazing! Thank you for your sweet attention.”–T

“Paul, we met last week when you have me a great massage. I just wanted to express my thanks and say I will definitely be booking another soon.”–R

“Paul, thanks a lot. It was a very nice session! Unforgettable and very helpful. It was unique.”-H

“Thanks, Paul, for the great  massage. It was one of the best.  I look forward to seeing you sometime in the future.”-R

“I want to thank you again for the session today. It was exactly what I was hoping for. I hope the rest of your stay in Vancouver is a pleasant one. Definitely looking forward to seeing you if you come up this way again from San Francisco.  Safe travels back home. It was so great meeting you.”–C

Hey, sexy. Just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. I’m still flying high. There’s nothing like a good flogging to set my head right.”–M

“Hey Paul, wanted to say Thanks for the massage on Friday,  was amazing”–R

“If you want an amazing,relaxing, sensual experience this is the man. So nice warm welcoming, listens to his clients, amazing hands. Not to be missed!!!!”–W

I’m still flying high after my amazing experience last night.Thanks so much magic man.”–B

“Just a brief note to say that again we had a profoundly satisfying and moving session. A big, big thank you.”–P

“The ambience was ideal – quiet, private and very relaxing. Paul was welcoming, charming and I felt instantly at ease. The massage was memorable — Paul has an intuitive touch, is very sensual and thorough, and seems completely into his work. I left relaxed and happy — and thinking about my next appointment.”–P

“Used the zip code finder to see who might be nearby and available to massage my hungry body. Lucky me to have picked Paul from among a surprisingly large number of choices. He responded promptly to my email inquiry and offered a convenient time slot that same day. Easy parking and also on a bus line. Comfortable salon and warm greeting before proceeding to experience Paul’s skilled and sensitive/sensual touch in all the right spots. He gave my body what it craved without my asking…he knows how to read a person’s needs and satisfy them skillfully and delightfully. In addition to Paul’s basic massage mastery he also has other sensual skills he’d be happy to describe upon your interested inquiry. Paul is a perfect masseur for a “newbie” as well as an experienced recipient like me. He’s the real thing!” –D

“Smile Smile Smile…. You rock big time buddy! That was really good. You pushed my limits and tested some I didn’t even know I had. I just wanted to say thank you for being who you are.“–J

“Thx again for last time… Amazing.”–R

“What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon…skin on skin is very rejuvenating.   At least for me.” –M

“The session was wonderful” –D

“Parts of me are still tingling. When I read your profile and saw your pics I had a feeling we would be a good match. I’m curious and interested in exploring and you instill a great sense of trust, knowledge, love and…. Lust!! Mmmmm! A wonderful combo. You will be seeing me again.” –J

“Paul made me feel comfortable immediately with his friendly and professional personality. The room was warm and the setting inviting. This was the first meeting so we chatted about my history, massage needs and problem muscle areas. It was clear from the beginning Paul knew exactly what a body needs when being massaged. He is an intuitive healer and his large strong hands went deep when needed and light when necessary. He asked me to let him know if he was going too deep or if he hit painful spot. This massage was so relaxing I melted under his masterful touch. In the end I was in a blissful state. Beautiful, loving and deeply satisfying experience. I will be returning.” –W

“Paul is a great guy who clearly takes pride in his work. The ambiance is warm and welcoming. Paul is professional and has a very sensuous touch. I haven’t felt that kind of pleasure in a long time. I would highly recommend Paul and his services.” –A

“Thank you for the tickles and tugs. Btw, you are the first person to tickle me – I didn’t even know I was that ticklish lol. I had a great time and you’re a great guy…and coach!”–C

“I wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for today!  To simply say that it was Amazing would be an understatement.  It has been a very long time since anyone has even had the slightest clue how to treat my cock and balls!  I left feeling like I haven’t felt in a very long time.  So thank you one again.”–S

Thank you, Sir. boy really needed sub boy space and a good working over, Sir. still smiling Sir. A very sexy Sir. damn”–A

“Just a quick note to say thank you so very much for Sunday!  Simply put it was AMAZING! “–S

“I’m one hell of a lucky guy to have been referred to you. You are gifted, straightforward, wise, and nurturing, and…I’m afraid to tell many people about you for fear I will have to fight to get an appointment.”–P

“100% caring 100% understandable 100% approachable”–W

“A real chance for me to talk about profound issues, explore in a fresh way. Extremely valuable on all levels.highly pleasurable. I really can’t imagine a better use of my time and money at this time in my life.”–T

“A perfect session with real connection and presence. Just beautiful!”–P

This was my first session with Paul and was not sure what to expect. Paul took the time to explain what we were going to do during our session and made me feel right at home and comfortable. I will look forward to my next session with him–R

“Today was an extreme experience and extremely pleasurable, thank you !”–I

“Wow! Wow! WOW! Paul did an excellent job! One of the best erotic massages I have ever experienced! Paul is a very nice, kind and attentive person. Loved the session! Can’t wait to see him again”–S

“Your intuitive touch was right on, And you hold the space for me perfectly. It allowed me to somehow draw strength from what you were giving me. I had a wonderful week and I had the most rounded, profound experience with you. Thanks a million.”–P

In addition to being one fucking hot man what really was a turn on was your kindness, your comfort level around male intimacy/sexuality, as well as how you connected with me (and I’m assuming all of your clients) during our session. Yesterday your touch and exploration of my body helped me to reconnect with myself in a much more intimate way and I’m very thankful. You were able to ‘normalize’ what often is labeled as ‘taboo’ and at the same time held 100% control of the situation and me during our session. Your communication was both verbal and non-verbal and while I define myself as a “versatile top” or Alpha I knew that I was going to be whatever you told me to be and I was cool with that.” –D

It’s clear that Paul loves his work, and he provided a great massage experience. Well-placed mirrors enabled me to watch him, and that was a pleasure. Likewise his use of his substantial beard in the massage…. unique. Will look forward to seeing him again.” –B.

“I wanted to tell you how much we both appreciated the session with you yesterday.  You were insightful and very helpful and you made the experience completely comfortable (and, oh yes, just a little erotic).   I feel like I learned a LOT and really appreciated the way you went about the coaching experience – you made if very personal and tailored it sort of on the fly to the 2 of us; that is a great skill.”  –L

“Paul asked me a couple of questions before the massage in order to adapt it to my needs and I definitely got the massage I needed. He has wonderful hands and a great energy that makes you immediately relax. I had a great time and I will definitely book another one when I’m around San Francisco.”  –B

“Space was hella cool, mirrors on the ceiling were awesome! Overall great, relaxing experience!” –J

“Without a doubt, the best massage I have ever had! And Paul was so nice! He greeted me with a smile and with eyes that wouldn’t stop. The room was warm and spacious and the music was relaxing. But nothing was as good as Paul’s hands. He knew every muscle that needed attention and he melted my stress in just minutes. If you want a massage that will leave you totally relaxed yet invigorated, then Paul is your man. I simply can’t say how much I enjoyed my time with him.” — M

“he was fantastic really enjoyed it, hoping to go back again hot guy, to me he is definitely the gentle giant, he was amazing , hope to get back to him soon give him a chance you will love him and be back for more thank you paul so much” –E

“I wanted to express our thanks for the really extraordinary coaching session with you on Wednesday. You made us instantly comfortable and relaxed, the session was enjoyable and not awkward. And, most importantly, you made the session work for us and helped us to learn a lot. ” — L & J

 Easily one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. Paul is handsome, sincere, and gifted. He is also exactly what his name says – KinkyCoach. From the minute I arrived and was greeted with a big genuine hug I knew that I was in good hands but the coach was in charge and I’m glad he was. Paul connects with you in a way that puts you at ease and in the right frame of mine for a healing session with him. –P

Paul is an amazing massage therapist. He gave me an excellent erotic massage. I like him very much.  –B