Power, Surrender, and Intimacy in Chicago!

The Body Electric School presents PSI in Chicago March 24-26 2023

PSI is an exciting workshop that explores the concepts and skills of BDSM within the safe container of a Body Electric event.

You will have the opportunity to:

– Explore your body’s capacity for elevated levels of sensation

– Refine your skills for creating intention and asking for what you want

– Examine the meanings and myths of masculinity and femininity in culture and your life

– Learn how to safely play with bondage, flogging, and creating scenes

– Connect and reflect in a supportive environment

We have assembled a fantastic team . We have a great venue lined up that is committed to facilitating the investigation of leather and BDSM.

Please visit the event page on Body Electric’s website:https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fbodyelectric.org%2Fonline-shops%2Fpower-surrender-intimacy%2F&h=AT2PMzytc07LL8XeYyS9Fi_Fb_rFbBx1AEdjd2rZeBewCPH42ZM3BcTgBKE2BDMUKX8vNeNNATBAoUKi_OPfZ–7RVZb4mbgWALcHqo7X5sSvegM6ytuw1e0a8hkMWnP8RtfVIQsjINOssB5tbOZF8Vy