bulldog-dropDaddy Richard gave me the nickname “bulldog” a number of years ago.  He said I reminded him of one: solid, loyal, and headstrong. This summer during Sacred Intimate Training at Easton Mountain, I chose to embrace my namesake and celebrate its power. The name really does describe my build and personality.

I’m tenacious once I have committed to something.  Most of the time, that’s a good thing.  I follow through on promises, stick to my beliefs and see projects to completion. Once in a while, I’m a little too committed and I don’t adopt different perspectives or habits as quickly as I might.  I guess that’s where Daddy Richard got the headstrong part.

I’m protective of the people around me. I strive to create safe spaces where they are able explore unfamiliar territory, heal from wounds, or play unabashedly. Each knows I have their back.

Bulldog is also a good metaphor of my erotic expression.  When I’m fully engaged sexually, I’m grunting and growling.  I vocalize the primal energy that lives deep in my body.  Sometimes it’s playful.  Other times it can be fierce.

I followed through this week on my commitment and got my bulldog tattoo.  Like me, it’s playful and fierce.  Loyal and passionate. It serves as a touchstone reminding me of my power and the various ways I express it in my life.

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